~Especially for Executives Mom and Women Business Owners~
Congratulation your on your professional achievements!  Your excellently laid plans for a seat at Corporate America’s table has paid off.  You have worked hard, made plenty of sacrifices along the way and now you are living the executive’s dream lifestyle.  However, with every success in life come challenges created by the newly expanded version of you.  You may have already identified the new challenges in the form of worrisome thoughts regarding home and family.  

The Biz Journals’ SMB Insights 2015 survey, “Do Women Business Owners Have it All?” reports 3 major areas of concern that plague entrepreneurial moms.  

  1.  Concerned about not spending enough time with family 
  2. Feelings of time-pressure overwhelm
  3. High personal daily stress levels

Many Executive Moms feel their biggest challenge is when their beloved career starts to rob them of the most precious thing they have.  FAMILY.  

Are there times when you have pondered this same thing?  If so, then you know life can get very messy and complicated if Career and Family don’t play nice-nice with each other.

When left unresolved, work- life challenges could cause you to loose the joy you worked so hard to achieve in your professional life.  Granted, when you “signed up” for the amazing Corporate America Career lifestyle, or started your own dream business, no doubt you visioned yourself as being successful in both business and home life, too.   Naturally.  

However, some Executive Moms are wondering if the price they are paying is to high.  Career or Family?  Family or Career?  ‘Mommy Guilt’ rears her ugly head.  Should I stay or off-ramp now?  And so continues the emotionally draining and paralyzing effects of the “Mommy Guilt.”

Now that you know what success feels like at top of Corporate America, are you feeling like you are…

  • Missing out on what is really most important to you?  
  • Is your hectic schedule robbing you of the beautiful things in life such as just having fun with your family?
  • And what about you?  Are you taking care of everyone else with very little time to yourself to renew and refresh your mind, body and spirit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are at the right place at the right time!

 We help Executive Moms and Women Business Owners escape feelings of time pressure overwhelm, reduce personal stress and better manage family for inner peace and love at home!”  

Super Moms Coaching specializes in helping the Executive Mom reduce personal stress, relieve feelings of time-pressure overwhelm at work PLUS gain 7 hours quality family time each week.  We offer simple strategies to spend more family fun time and specific parenting tactics to connect more deeply with your children.  That way you spend less time disciplining and more time having fun with your beautiful children.

Super Moms Coaching is pleased to offers Executive Moms proven tactics so that you can enjoy more of what you originally ‘signed up for!’  A rewarding career, amazing family flow and personal fulfillment to live your best life!

Hello!  My name iDeaunna Photo 10--2015Coach Deaunna R. Evans, MCC~
CEO Super Moms Coaching
Super Mom to 3 Wonderful Adult Children 

Professional Affiliations and Coaching Credentials

  • Master Life Coach
  • Marketing Coach
  • Coach Training Instructor at World Coach Institute 

American City Business Journals recently conducted a professional survey asking the question, “Do Women Business Owners Have it All?” I’m going to make the mental leap here and include Executive Moms in this category, too.

Okay, with that inclusion implied… among their finding we snagged this truth, “Women business owners are stressed, time pressured, and concerned they won’t have enough time to spend with their families. These stressors are much more prevalent for women owners than their male peers.” (The Business Journals- SMB Insights 2015)

Do you feel like marching out of your high rise office building and letting Corporate America’s doors slam behind?  Would becoming one of the newest Corporate Escapee liberate you as it did recent Corporate Refugee Cheryl Nevins reported by ABC News?  Why’d she do that?  It sounds like the lid just blew on her ‘time-pressure cooker’ and she couldn’t take it any longer.  Way to go Cheryl!

But, “What if I Don’t Have the Luxury of Quitting My Corporate-Cube?” you lament?

The good news is, at least you don’t have to drown in ‘Mommy Guilt’ anymore!  A 2015 Working Mother study revealed that working moms feel time pressured and suffer from Mommy Guilt in many different forms, the number one being regret for not spending enough time with family.

That’s where Executive Moms coaching sets you up for success!

Super Moms Coaching specializes in helping professionals discover simple yet highly underutilized home, family and personal enrichment strategies for more love at home and focus at work!

Free Yourself from the Emotional Clutches of the ‘Mommy Guilt Gremlins’
PLUS Reclaim 7 Hours of Family Fun Time Each Week!

  • Reduce Personal Stress of Work-Life Balance
    Executive Coaching to meet performance goals and increase productivity with team members
    Life Coaching to enhance personal development
    Professional Parenting Coaching to calm the chaos at home so your entire family feels more connected, and you feel like a better parent i.e. confidence in your most important role, motherhood.
  • Relieve Feeling of Time-Pressure Overwhelm
    Executive Coaching to implement expert business productivity tools that get you OUT of Overwhelm and into overdrive!
    Life and Parenting Coaching to ‘Plug in and Play’ Home Organization Tactics such as chores, homework, dinnertime and other challenging family structure issues.
  • Gain 7 Hours Quality family Time Each Week 
    Professional Parenting Coaching to systematize family ‘crossroads’ that creates family connectivity from breakfast to bedtime.

Because What Happens at Home DOESN’T Stay at Home! 

These and many other parenting concerns are keep loving parents awake at night and distracted during the work day.

  • Do you dread coming home from work only to discover your home could use a little more structure?
  • Are you worrying about a potentially destructive path your child is heading down?
  • Would you feel better if your child were more confident and academically motivated?  

Consider the Stressor

Parenting challenges often manifests in one’s career as lack of focus and lower performance.  Parenting expert Kathy Lynn of Parenting Today states, “When you have children, life is a balancing act: what happens at home manifests itself in the workplace. According to the Surrey Board of Trade, work-life conflict costs the business community in excess of $600 million a year.”

Now You can LOOK FORWARD to GOING HOME after a long day at the office!  

Super Moms Coaching can help you take charge of your life’s most significant obligation- Your Family!  When your stress levels are brought down, behavioral issues with children are resolved, and your home organization is a thing of beauty, then personal productivity will skyrocket!   Now you can enjoy a peaceful home, stress free parenting, stay focused at work for a happier life!

WOW!  How nice would that be?  Now, after a long day at the office, you can look forward to going home knowing you will have a peaceful home and a happy family waiting for you when you get there!

Parenting, The Most Important Job!

Mommy Guilt stems from the inherent knowledge that parenting is one of the most important jobs a person will ever do!  However, it is one job that usually comes with the least amount of training.

It’s a super big myth that just because we have children, we will just automatically know how to be good parents.  While I whole-heartedly believe in a mother’s or father’s intuition and other spiritual privileges such as getting answers to prayers; parenting is just like any other skill, it needs to learned, practiced and honed.

Dr. Michael Popkin, author of the Active Parenting programs said, “It’s important to emphasize that parenting is the most important, and the most difficult, job we will ever have, and that part of tackling any job we consider important and difficult is getting the training and support needed to do the best we can.”

If you are like most parents, you just rely on the way your own parents raised you or advice from friends and family. But if these strategies were effective, wouldn’t you have a great relationship with your child and a happy family?

Here’s a Big, Big, Big Key to Parenting:
“It’s a fact; kids generally don’t change their behavior

until their parents change their approach to parenting and
the way that they interact with their child.” (Jane Bluestein PhD )

This is great news!  With this key piece of information, you can quickly plugin these missing essential key elements to your parenting approach so your teen will self-motivate to positive behavior!  It really does work that way.

A recent Super Moms Coaching client describe peace of mind parenting like this:  This new structure has actually established a desire in our children to “not let us down” by misbehaving.  I highly recommend this program, “The Parenting Plan of Happiness” parenting education course to any parent along with the coaching services that Mrs. Deaunna Evans provides.” (Brian Beathard, Franklin, TN