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http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-pull-out-hair-scream-image21646149Are You Pulling Your Hair Out because
of a Difficult, Disrespectful and
Disobedient Tween or Teen?

Are you searching for solutions to better deal with
your child’s ODD, ADD or ADHD?

Are You Worried About Your Own Sanity~
wondering how you will survive another day?

Worse Still, Have You Tried Everything
and Nothing Seems to Work?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, then you are in the right place to get answers that will bring peace, love and joy back into your home!

Super Moms Coaching specializes in helping frustrated moms and dad’s turnaround negative behavior, enjoy peace of mind parenting and create a peaceful home ~ All in 30 Days or Less!  

Are you here because you are missing the way you used to connect with your child?  You may be wondering just what the heck happened to your once loving, adorable and cuddly little child!  You might be searching for answers to why all of the sudden you are facing issues such as why your child seems to hate you all of the sudden!  (This must be where the ‘alien teenager’ analogy came to be known.)

Or perhaps you are here trying to scout out possible ways to improve your parent/teen relationship so that you can be a greater influence during the terrifying teen years.

Did your child’s attitude craziness catch you off guard around the time he entered middle school?  If so, the culprit is usually adolescence (AKA puberty), which has been known to turn even the happiest families upside down!

Maybe you are doubly challenged with a difficult adolescent coupled with a scary medical diagnosis like ODD, ADD or ADHD and your life is a living hell!

I feel your pain.  I lived in that hell for many years until I found answers to turnaround my child’s defiant behavior!

DeaunnaEvansJPGSmaller (321x350)Hi!  I am Master Life Coach Deaunna Evans, MCC
Parenting strategist and mentor

I know your pain. I too, once suffered with a child with ODD & ADHD. For years I struggled with most of the issues I posed above.  I literally poured my heart and soul into studying parenting to literally save my family.

My challenge was my 6 year old ‘bonus child,’ who nearly got the best of me!  However, through relentless study and hours of fervent prayer, I eventually found solutions that turned around my child’s behavior.

That nearly insufferable part of my life is the sole reason that am here to serve and help you overcome those same parenting challenges!

You might even be thinking that the terrifying teens stage of life is unavoidable.  This is a myth!

Adolescence does not have to destroy your relationship with your child or decimate your family!

In fact the parent/child relationship should flourish at this critical time in your child’s life.

Mosiah Hall, early childhood educator once said, “The loving hearts of many parents are suffering for a multitude of mistakes that loving intelligence might have prevented…To perform the duties of parenthood well, we must understand them more clearly… A clearer understanding of the laws governing the development of children would give parents great help in guiding their children into paths of righteousness, and in ministering to varying child needs as they develop.”

It makes no difference if you are just looking for a few answers to your tween’s quirky behavior or are struggling with your teen’s out of control behavior….

You are in exactly the right place to get expert parenting information
and support you need to turnaround negative teen behavior
faster and easier than you thought possible!

In fact our ‘claim to fame’ is that we
“Help you turnaround your teen’s negative behavior
in 30 days or less!”

Parenting, The Most Important Job!
Parenting is one of the most important jobs a person will ever do but usually comes with the least amount of training. It’s a super big myth that just because we have children, we will just automatically know how to be good parents.  While I wholeheartedly believe in a mother’s or father’s intuition and other spiritual privileges such as getting answers to prayers; parenting is just like any other skill, it needs to learned, practiced and honed.

Dr. Michael Popkin, author of the Active Parenting programs said, “It’s important to emphasize that parenting is the most important, and the most difficult, job we will ever have, and that part of tackling any job we consider important and difficult is getting the training and support needed to do the best we can.”

If you are like most parents, you just rely on the way your own parents raised you or advice from friends and family. But if these strategies were effective, wouldn’t you have a great relationship with your child and a happy family?

Here’s a Key Parenting Key!
“It’s a fact; kids generally don’t change their behavior until their parents change their approach to parenting and the way that they interact with their child.” (Jane Bluestein PhD )

This is great news!  With this key piece of information, you can quickly plugin these missing essential key elements to your parenting approach so your teen will self-motivate to positive behavior!  It really does work that way.

A recent parenting coaching client describe peace of mind parenting like this:  “This new structure has actually established a desire in our children to “not let us down” by misbehaving.  I highly recommend this program, “The Parenting Plan of Happiness” parenting education course to any parent along with the coaching services that Mrs. Deaunna Evans provides.” (Brian Beathard, Franklin, TN)

This “new structure”  is the foundation of the miracle of turning around your tween’s or teen’s negative behavior, usually in 30 days or less!  Yes! It happens that quickly with “The Parenting Plan of Happiness” and Super Moms Coaching.

Here’s another cool thing!  (Control Freaks Rejoice!)
Our signature parenting blueprint puts you in complete and total control.  “The Parenting Plan of Happiness” will ONLY give you parenting techniques that require one person’s implementation.  YOURS.  PERIOD.

We don’t focus on what you are going to try to have to MAKE your teen do.  (That’s one of the reason’s that things are not working now for you.)

What that means to you is that you will NOT have to ask or try and get your tween or teen to CHANGE.  You tween or teen’s behavior will change once you interact with them in a language they are familiar with:  unconditional love.  This is conveyed to them when they FEEL connected, accepted and nurtured.

The Super Moms Coaching’s Approach Simple:
Increasing Parenting Knowledge + Personal Parenting Coaching = Peace of Mind Parent

1.  Increase Parenting Knowledge:
“The Parenting Plan of Happiness” 8 weeks signature coaching program offers you unsurpassed parenting information that will create a paradigm shift about what is truly possible for your family.  With this parenting blueprint you can have the great relationship with your child plus peace of mind parenting!

2.  Personal Parenting Coaching or Group Coaching to help parents in their real-time parenting struggles!
As a ‘Parenting Teens Strategist” I meet with Moms and Dads weekly for a 1:1 (or group) coaching session.  This is a place to talk about ‘where the rubber meets the road’!  This is where we assess current struggles and challenges such as disrespectful teen behavior and things that drive parents crazy like eye rolling and/or slamming doors.

Again, this support will create a paradigm shift about what is truly possible for your family.

Once the problem of the week has been assessed, together we co-create a plan of action.  Weekly goal setting and returning and reporting the consequences of last weeks peaceful parenting plan have proven to be the hub for powerful, transformational and lasting family change!
Read more here…

3.  Results to Look for and Enjoy:  A Mutually Respectful Relationship with Teen + Peace of Mind Parenting!
The coaching process will help you get clear about why your kids do what they do.  Weekly coaching sessions help you feel renewed, re-energized & rejuvenated to parent your child into the respectful and happy child you know is at his or her core!

WHO We Work With
We only work with moms, dads, and/or guardians who are ready and willing to ‘deep dive’ into parenting for 8 weeks!  Parents who are willing to set aside just 8 weeks to do the work to discover why children do what they do.  Plus have a desire to learn strategies for getting kids to be more fun loving, respectful and cooperative.  Parents who have an open mind to new parenting techniques that will turn around negative teen behavior.  Here are a few other people we work with…  

  • We work with caring, loving and doting parents who want the best for their children!  
    These moms and dads have been assessing the current situation and have just not been able to put their finger on the reason their tween or teen is acting out.
  • We Work with Bewildered Parents
    You might be a parent who recently woke up one morning shocked to discover an alien child standing before!  Riddled with anxiety, you and you began to wonder, “what the heck happened to my child and how do I get him back?”
  • Parents who are wondering what’s up with their tween’s nasty attitude lately!
    One of our thrilled Super Dad’s recently remarked:  “I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell how my wife and I struggled trying to figure out why our son of 16 yrs. all of a sudden hated us [plus wouldn’t even get out of bed to go to school]. We tried multiple things but nothing seemed to be helping. We were at the end of our rope and I think our son was also. Although I don’t have the space to explain the program we went through, I will tell you that we are still reaping the benefits, our son will graduate this year with all straight A’s and is to begin college in the fall…Deaunna Was amazing to work with…we made a friend for life!”
  • Moms and Dads who WANT OUT of the insanity cycle!
    Moms and dads who are realizing that to continue with the same parenting strategies would be the direct definition of ‘insanity’ e.g. doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results each time.
  • Moms and Dads who are worried, fearful or just sense that something is wrong.  
    “I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell how my wife and I struggled trying to figure out why our son of 16 yrs. all of a sudden hated us. We tried multiple things but nothing seemed to be helping. We were at the end of our rope and I think our son was also….”
    (Satisfied Client)
  • We help Moms who are feeling disconnected, rejected and outcast from their teen’s life.
    (No explanation needed here- we all know how rotten that makes us all feel.)
  • Parents who want to get back on track to a peaceful home and happy family!
    Parents who are coming to the realization that their current parenting techniques and strategies are just not effective anymore but are ready to make necessary changes to get things back on track.

Simply put, we work with Super Moms and Dads Who Want the Best for Their Children.  
Parents who want a mutually respectful relationship w/tween or teen.  We work with parents who wans to enjoy, connect and influence your teen rather than suffer the heartbreaking disconnect, fighting and walking on egg shells that some think are unavoidable in adolescence.  Well, I’m here to tell you differently.  Adolescence does not have to destroy the parent/child relationship.  (I should know, I have raised three children to adulthood)

What We Help Moms and Dads Accomplish:  Love at Home!

  • ASSESS & HEAL the parent/child relationship wounds that are currently infecting your relationship.
    EASIER than you thought possible with a step by step guide with proven parenting techniques.  Scripts are even provided for immediate access to unlock the door to the love and affection of your teen’s heart.
  • PLAN & REBUILD the parent-child relationship based on proven principles of love, compassion and kindness!
    FASTER than you thought possible now that you are working with a coach to help you stay on track with your parenting goals and intentions.
  • REVIVE & THRIVE Get the parenting tools you need  to convey your “Emotional Love” (AKA unconditional love) so your family can FINALLY come out of conflict and begin to enjoy mutually respectful relationships with each other!

Things, Problems and Challenges Our Clients Faced
Parenting coaching has helped struggling moms and dads overcome the following challenges:

  • Defiant, Disobedient and Disruptive Behaviors
    Things that drive you crazy such as blatant disobedience, nasty attitude, breaking curfew, not doing chores, eye rolling, slamming doors and general disrespectful behavior, you get the idea.
  • AVOID Contention in Marriage  
    Helping couples get on the ‘same parenting page’ for a show of unity and avoid contention in the marriage
    Paxrenting Coaching
  • SINGLE Parenting 
    Single parents love to interact with a parenting coaching for the day to day support  they enjoy.
    Pxarenting Coaching
  • Blended Family Solutions
    Determine ways to combine two families while making sure everyone maintains individual identity and purpose.
    Parenting Coaching
  • Academic Concerns
    Low achieving teens- refusing to go to school and/or complete assignments
    Disrespectful to teachers and authority figures
    Parenting Coaching
  • Diagnosed Childhood Behaviors 
    Support for parents who have children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and ODD childhood behavioral challengesWe help you develop and/or support you with your current plan to implement essential techniques that will bring about positive results from your challenged child.  *Please note medical disclaimer below!
    Parenting Coaching
  • Adult Children
    “Failure to Launch” young adult children-
    We help you get your young adult child off your couch and into the wonderful world!

You Might be Wondering, “How can parenting coaching help me when other programs have failed?”

Just like an athletic coach leads a team to victory, we help parents create and implement a peaceful parenting plan~ help you establish the new guidelines in your home and then stay be beside you every step of the way until these new family rules become the new way of life in your home!

Support for Super Moms and Dads in Their Real-Time Parenting Needs!
(Yes!  The specific Day-In-and-Day-Out things that drive you crazy!)

A great parenting plan without ‘real time’ support to help you implement it, when times get tough, is basically useless.  No matter how hard you’ve tried, when emotions get escalated, the best plans seem to drop by the wayside and you are right back where you started; suffering in conflict with your teen resulting in a fractured relationship and unhappy family.

That’s where parent coaching stands out from the
rest of the programs that have failed you in the past.

You see, it’s valuable to receive useful information,
but the real secret to success is about implementation!

Good parenting intentions can wan quickly, especially when a troubled teenager is making your life miserable!

That’s where parent coaching steps up to the plate to provide you with the missing keys to success~ REAL-TIME support as your life unfolds!

If you’ve been shaking your head yes and feel like you are ready to get out of parenting overwhelm,

then you are invited to a FREE discovery session with Coach Evans!  (Valued at $129)

“Unlock Your Parenting Powers Breakthrough Session!”

This is a risk free, no-obligation 45 minute parenting coaching session
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*A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  We do not medically diagnosis or treat any childhood disorders. Super Moms Coaching is NOT affiliated with nor should be considered a medical facility.  However, we do help YOU figure out parenting strategies and tactic’s to handle the challenges and overcome the obstacles that YOU have to deal with as a result of these behaviors.