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Here Come the 92 Days of Summer 2014

It’s a Fact.  The 92 days of Summer 2014 will pass by.

The question is, “What will you have to show for it?”

a.)  The Same Unhappy Family Dysfunction?
b.) A Peaceful Home and Happy Family?  

Here’s the Cool Thing… YOU GET TO CHOOSE!!!

Introducing… Super Moms Coaching’s Special Offer:
“Summertime 2014~ It’s My Family It’s My Choice!”  

Get $50 OFF! “The Parenting Plan of Happiness” 8 week parenting program when you mention “Summertime 2014: It’s My Family It’s My Choice!”

–>  HEAL your family’s relationship wounds
(EASIER than you thought possible)

–>  REBUILD your parent-child relationship
(FASTER than you thought possible)

–>  THRIVE>so your family can FINALLY begin to happily thrive!
(Yes!  You can turnaround your teen’s negative behavior in 30 days or less!)

Do you really want to leave something as important as your family’s happiness to just “sometime soon”? 

Why not act now to turn sometime soon into ‘Summertime 2014~ It’s My Family It’s My Choice!’ 

FIRST STEP:  Let’s Talk About Your Situation~ Apply Today for Your FREE Parenting Consultation! ~ 100% FREE ~ No Obligation~ Walk away with a positive plan of action to heal and rebuild so your family can thrive in 2014! 

Super Moms Coaching can help you begin the journey to a peaceful home and happy family!  Why not take the next 30 days to learn how to turnaround the negative dynamics in your home so you all can enjoy the rest of your years together (graduation) in a peaceful home and happy family.  It’s not to late now to make positive changes so you have ZERO Parenting regrets in your old age!

Parenting coaching has helped struggling parents overcome the following challenges:

  • Helping couples get on the ‘same parenting page’ to avoid contention in the marriage!
  • Support for single parents
  • Parents struggling with difficult tweens and/or teens
  • Solutions for parents with children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and ODD behavior challenges
  • Low achieving teens- refusing to go to school and/or complete assignments
  • “Failure to Launch” young adult children
  • Plus many more parenting challenges

Find out if coaching is right for you with a FREE consultation!  Apply today!  

At Super Moms Coaching we believe “Every TEEN deserves a happy family and every PARENT deserves joyful parenting!”

To those of you feeling a little overwhelmed or ‘stuck’ I have some comforting news for you!  You can turnaround your defiant tween or troubled teen’s behavior FASTER and EASIER than you can possibly imagine!  In 30 days or less you are going to be ‘jaw-dropped’ at how much more respectful your tween or teen will be!

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Deaunna Evans, MCC parent coach and mentor

Hello!  My name is Deaunna Evans, MCC- Nashville parenting coach and mentor.  I became a parenting coach because I believe all TEENS deserve a happy family and all PARENTS deserve joyful parenting!

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I’m no ‘arm-chair’ parenting coach!  I have been where you are with a defiant tween with ADHD that made our life miserable.  This forced me into a ‘deep dive’ study into parenting which lasted several years.  Happily I found solutions based on behavioral science and spiritual insights that brought peace to our family.  Now I want to share those solutions with you.

I am passionate about helping you successfully accomplish the most important work you will ever do; that of creating a peaceful home where every family member feels loved, respected and valued.

Here’s Why Super Moms Coaching Can Help Your Family

As Dr. Michael Popkin, author of the Active Parenting programs, puts it, “It’s important to emphasize that parenting is the most important, and the most difficult, job we will ever have, and that part of tackling any job we consider important and difficult is getting the training and support needed to do the best we can.”

That’s where Super Moms Coaching comes in.  We believe that happy families don’t just happen by accident.  They are intentionally created.  We give parents the training to increase your parenting knowledge and then support you while you are implementing your new skills.

You are in total control.  Every parenting technique you learn will be totally in your control to implement and NOT what you have to CHANGE in your child.  This is the foundation of the miracle of turning around your troubled teenager in 30 days or less!

Here’s the Real Secret:  “It’s a fact; kids generally don’t change their behavior until their parents change their approach to parenting and the way that they interact with their child.” (Jane Bluestein PhD )  Now that you know, you’ll learn how to quickly plugin essential key elements to your parenting approach so your child will self-motivate to positive behavior!

The Super Moms Coaching signature 8 week parent coaching program, “The Parenting Plan of Happiness” (PPH), is based on proven parenting techniques that are completely within the parent’s domain to change.  The miracle is that when these changes occur, parents will see positive– even drastic changes in their child’s behavior in a little as 30 days or less; even if you have already ‘tried everything’ and are still experiencing negative behavior.  Read More Here…

How can parent coaching help me when other programs have failed?

Just like an athletic coach leads a team to victory, I help parents create and implement a peaceful parenting plan~ based on behavioral science~ so your teen can happily enjoy his teenage years and you can experience the bliss of joyful parenting!

You might be thinking, “That’s no different than other programs,” right?

Here’s the difference.
A great parenting plan without ‘real time’ support to help you implement it, when times get tough, is basically useless.  That’s where parent coaching stands out from the rest of the programs that have failed you in the past.

You see, it’s valuable to receive useful information, but the real secret to success is about implementation! Good parenting intentions can wan quickly, especially when a troubled teenager is making your life miserable!  That’s where parent coaching steps up to the plate to provide you with the missing key to success~ REAL-TIME support as your life unfolds!

Super Moms Coaching is dedicated to providing parents of defiant tweens and troubled teenagers a 24/7 support system to effectively heal and peacefully rebuild the parent-child relationship for a lifetime of love and mutual respect.

I Will Believe in YOU Even When You Don’t Believe in Yourself!
Parenting a troubled teenager can be overwhelming and exhausting  to say the least!  Our weekly parent strategizing sessions help you to work through and work out specific problems you are having with your troubled teenager.  I will believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself!  I will help keep you focused and motivated to implement your goals and your new parenting knowledge.

Makes no difference what challenge you are facing, whether it be the uncharted waters of adolescence that escalated into troubled teenager syndrome, or challenges that the medical community have give a name to such as ADHD or ODD, I can help you!

Our 24/7 support system insures you have a ‘GO-TO” parenting professional that knows how to get you peaceful results for a peaceful home and happy family!  It’s like having a personal trainer only for parenting!  Read more here…

Are You Ready to Begin Your 30 Day Journey to Your Family’s Peaceful Transformation?  I would be honored to help you discover those key elements that are missing so you can experience joyful parenting!  Most parents are excited about how much easier it is to parent with the ‘Free Agency Parenting Style’!

Let’s talk about your situation~
You are invited to have a complimentary discovery session with me~
It’s conducted by phone and takes just 30 minutes!  

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If your goal is to have a great relationship with your child, a peaceful home and a happy family, then you have just found the parenting professional who can assist you in making those dreams a reality!