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Are You Struggling with a Difficult Tween or a Troubled Teen?

Tired of tearing your hair out and ready to GET REAL HELP NOW FOR FREE?

Have you ‘tried everything’ and nothing seems to work with your defiant tween or troubled teen? Do you feel like your family lives in a war zone rather than a warm home?  You are not alone! If you are like most parents, you just rely on the way your own parents raised you or advice from friends and family. But if these strategies were effective, wouldn’t you have a great relationship with your child and a happy family?

Up until now, parents had few options when it came to help with their unruly teen; mainly a psychologist, teen boot camp or ship the beloved child off to live with a relative hoping that a change of venue will do the trick. Unfortunately, when it comes to dealing with ‘normal’ teen behavior, all these options are flawed and some with life long ramifications.

Now there is a new option for parents who are ready to turnaround their troubled teen’s behavior!  Parenting Coaching!

At Super Moms Coaching we believe
“Every TEEN deserves a happy family and
Every PARENT deserves joyful parenting!”

No matter if you are just looking for a few answers to your tween’s quirky behavior or are struggling with major issues; you are in exactly the right place to get all the help and support you need to turnaround that negative behavior!  If you haven’t already, be sure to download your FREE report in the box on the top right of this site for great parenting teens tips!

Parenting coaching has helped struggling parents overcome the following challenges:

  • Turnaround defiant tweens or troubled teens behavior in 30 days or less!
  • Helping couples get on the ‘same parenting page’ to avoid contention in the marriage!
  • Support for single parents
  • Parents struggling with difficult tweens and/or teens
  • Support for parents with children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and ODD behavior challenges
  • Low achieving teens- refusing to go to school and/or complete assignments
  • “Failure to Launch” young adult children
  • Plus many more parenting challenges

Super Moms Coaching can help you create the happy family of your dreams with the 3 Way/No Fail ‘Parenting Plan of Happiness.’ You’ll get the intellectual, emotional and spiritual tools that are essential to parent your child into the respectful and happy child you know is at his core!

–>  HEAL your family’s relationship wounds
(EASIER than you thought possible)

–>  REBUILD your parent-child relationship
(FASTER than you thought possible)

–>  THRIVE  Get the parenting tools you need
so your family can FINALLY begin to enjoy each other and life!

To those of you feeling a little overwhelmed or ‘stuck’ I have some comforting news for you!  You can turnaround your defiant tween or troubled teen’s behavior FASTER and EASIER than you can possibly imagine!

If you are ready to get help now for FREE, I would love to hear more about the family dynamic’s you are struggling with – and give you the opportunity to ask me questions so you can immediately begin to experience peace, love and joy in your home.   I have walked miles in your shoes, and I understand your pain and the frustration you may be feeling.  That’s why I offer a free, no-obligation one-hour coaching session to parents.

If you want real help now for free, click this link and fill out a short application requesting a free one-hour telephone session with me. I will get back to you  right away to  schedule our appointment. You will also have the opportunity to find out about working with me, but  whether or not coaching with me is for you, our free session will give you new ideas, more support – and often some relief and specific next steps! So go ahead and send me your application now – I can’t wait to speak with you!   Fill in the short application here and we’ll talk soon!